Friday, November 11, 2011

Hajime Nishi Profile

Hajime Nishi, an author founder of Ecoamrathon International was born in Kyoto, an environmental capital of the world, in 1949. His first trip to abroad was Soviet Union and 15 European countries in the summer of 1970.
It had opened his eyes to the world and people.

In 1988 he lost his wife by cancer and he'd experienced the serious crises of his life. Since 1990, he'd been attending as a seminarian to take various workshops about personal growth in Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and running marathons around the globe. Through these unique combination of both spiritual and physical experiences, he'd created a new philosophy called Ecomarathon and had started to pass his message to the people around the globe through his marathon participation since 1995.

He became the first person who ran seven marathons on each of seven continent in seven months in 1997 and the Guiness Book Publishing, UK had certified his accomplishment and created a new world record, "The fastest time to run marathons on each of seven continents" or simply,"The Triple Seven"

In 2000, he became the first non-North American resident who'd completed marathons in all 50 USA States plus DC and 50 countries.*1 Guiness Record
He was a president and CEO of Nishi Film. Inc., an interectual property firm specialized in fitness video licensing for 14 years and a single father who raise three children to be independed before he became an Ecomarathoner, a missionary for the environment, humanity and world peace for future generation.

In 2003, he'd published the first edition of "Ecoamrathon Data Book" to introduce 255 marathons in 54 countries on seven continents.In 2004, this first book about Slow Running Philosophy, "Losing is Winning" was published in Japanese.

His middle term goal in marathon is to run 1,000 marathons in 250 countries by the year 2049.And his life time goal is to realize "One People, One Planet", a healthy peaceful planet for all species and their future generation by year 2101.

Hajime Nishi of Japan, a founder of Ecomarathon Int'l,who completed 42.195Km marathons on 7 continents in 168 days had been certified as the world record holder of "THE FASTEST TIME TO RUN A MARATHON ON EACH OF THE 7 CONTINENTS" by Guinness Publishing Ltd.,UK on 11 Jan.,1999
7 Continents Details certified by Guiness Publishing
17 Feb.,1997 ANTARCTICA MARATHON, Antartica
23 Mar.,1997 CATALINA ISLAND MARATHON, North America
01 Jun.,1997 SAO PAULO MARATHON, South America
05 Jul.,1997 MIDNIGHT SUN MARATHON, Europe
03 Aug.,1997 MT.MERU INT'L MARATHON, Africa

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